Why this conversation—and why now?

We live in a polarized nation. Many of us get our information from self-selected media silos that reinforce our beliefs. We may go months, even years, without engaging with the “other” America.

But we at Spaceship Media have repeatedly seen that people really want to communicate respectfully with and learn about those who have different positions and beliefs.

The Many is about making that happen, about engaging across difference — with personal stories, political discussions, and the sharing of hopes, ideas and questions.


The Many in the news:

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How does The Many work?

Hundreds of women — from California to Pennsylvania, Michigan to Alabama, Louisiana to Oregon — have joined this respectful conversation of women with different political, social and cultural beliefs and backgrounds. The conversation is in a closed Facebook group, and continues to grow.

The Many is closely moderated to support our participants in having  productive experiences. It is off the record, but reporters with news organizations around the country write stories — when participants give permission — about the conversation to amplify its impact.

The Many will run until the mid-term elections in November 2018, allowing participants to explore their questions, concerns and hopes for the future over a sustained period of time.

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Who is running this project?

The Many is a project of Spaceship Media that is funded by support from the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust, the News Integrity Initiative, Knight Foundation, and the Rita Allen Foundation.

Spaceship Media uses Dialogue Journalism — a method we created —to help communities engage with tough issues, tackle polarization and rebuild trust in the media. We believe in starting by listening, recognizing our own preconceived ideas, communicating respectfully across difference, and supplying thorough research to inform discussions.

Spaceship Media has designed critical conversations across the country, about educational inequality in Washington state, immigration in California, guns in America, race and the achievement gap in Alabama, and our nation’s deep partisan divide.

Adriana Garcia, Project Manager for The Many,
 with Co-founders Eve Pearlman and Jeremy Hay
Adriana Garcia, Project Manager for The Many, with Co-founders Eve Pearlman and Jeremy Hay