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Using journalism to bridge divides.

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What We Do


Our Philosophy

Media today often amplifies and contributes to conflict between polarized communities. We believe the best journalistic principles and values – fairness, thorough research, accuracy, respect and attentive listening – are necessary now more than ever and can help build understanding where it is needed


Our Strategy

We use a transparent, community-driven news-gathering process to generate dialogue and engagement between divided communities. We place journalism in service to society and empower people to help shape the stories told about them.


We Take Action

We flip journalism’s traditional model. We start with what a community wants answered, not what we, the media, decide is the story. We prize curiosity over confrontation and so we ask communities what they want to know about each other, and what they want other communities to know about them.

Spaceship Media Is...

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Eve Pearlman

Co-Founder Eve Pearlman is a veteran journalist and community engagement strategist. She has worked with news and social media start-ups, including State, a London-based social media platform connecting people around shared interests, and AOL’s Patch. She holds a bachelor’s from Cornell University and a master’s in journalism from Northwestern.

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Jeremy Hay

Co-Founder Jeremy Hay has reported for EdSource, The Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Wired Magazine and The Tenderloin Times, among other publications. His work has been recognized by multiple, awards including a George Polk, for a project on globalization on which he was a lead reporter. He was a 2015 John S. Knight Fellow at Stanford University.

Our Work

Harnessing Journalism to Drive Engagement Between Communities in Conflict

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Social Impact Projects

We commit resources to work with communities that are in conflict and where our brand of mediating journalism can promote mutual understanding.

Existing Media Companies

We partner with media organizations to deepen their engagement with the communities they serve through initiatives that broaden their reporting.


Public Sector

We contract with municipalities and other government entities to expand and deepen community engagement around divisive public issues and projects, allowing stakeholders to engage productively with one another. We don’t produce reports – we create journalism that preserves, explores, and contextualizes the range of viewpoints around each issue.

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